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New Additional Features

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New features have been added to all of our hosting packages as standard!

SuperSys are pleased to announce that we have added new features to all of our hosting packages as Standard at no additional cost. 

At SuperSys we are always looking to add value to our products to give our customers the best possible experience. As of June all of our hosting packages now come with the following features


Automatic Nightly Backup 

We automatically backup your website on a nightly basis and retain copies for 7 days in the event you would like to restore your website to an earlier point in time.


Blacklist Monitoring

If your website has been deemed as unsafe by Google using our integrated Google Safe Browsing technology we will be notified automatically.


Uptime Monitoring

We monitor the uptime of your website from 3 continents and get notified in the event of a server or network outage.


To find out more about our new features contact the support team today.